Presenting Magically Journey



Presenting Magically Journey

“People like a presenter they can relate to. And they like a presenter who speaks from their own knowledge-rather than a script.” Olivia Mitchell

The Overall Message

The thought of delivering a presentation can be nerve shattering for some people. Presenting magically takes delegates on a journey through all of the main psychological processes that come about before, during and after a presentation.

This course will have delegates laughing out loud and going through all the emotions a presentation has to throw at them. The exercises are interactive, creative, challenging and funny to participate in, resulting in the delegates taking away the essential skills to put together and deliver a really cracking presentation.

Presenting can be daunting to many sales people. In reality it is about being face to face with a client and going through an offer or proposal in a way that delivers value in a unique and memorable way with just a pinch of personality! The perfect partner to Proposal Writing this one or two day course takes delegates on an exciting journey that builds confidence and resilience whilst at the same time being lots of fun.

  • Monkeys! Understanding the audience and how to adapt to the key personalities that make them up
  • Get to the Point A game based on story telling that all the group create
  • Taking Aim The keys aims of the presentation, and how to create it with the aim in mind and the bearing it has on content, style and structure.
  • Don’t Use That Tone with Me! A session on voice control and how we can use our voice to project effectively. This session also looks at body language and non verbal communication skills
  • Navigation How to use an effective structure that includes the value proposition to help deliver a presentation with ease
  • Taking Control How to control pre-presentation jitters and nerves using techniques used by those who frequent the public speaking and presentation arena
  • There Be Dragons! Putting it all together in an exercise where delegates have to work in teams to create a presentation and then deliver it in the classic Dragon’s Den scenario, with senior managers present from the Haymarket business, playing the role of the investor dragons
  • Debrief and feedback session with the trainer

Who is this ‘Journey’ suitable for?

Presenting Magically is suitable for the following groups of people:

  • People who are new to presenting and need a good foundation
  • People who want to polish their existing Presentation skills.
  • For People who present internally to peers or senior managers
  • Sales people who present externally to customers and clients.
  • People who also want to improve their confidence will find this ‘journey’ most rewarding.

What will you learn and take away on The This Journey?

Understanding exactly what a presentation is and how it should be approached in terms of outcomes.

The best structure of a presentation that gives the greatest level of involvement.

The best and worst first five minutes, and how to get through it.

Keeping control of your bodily functions! Voice, body language, gestures.

Understanding Audiences and the different personality types

Doing it! Putting it together and putting it across in a great tried and tested format.

To book your team’s Presenting Magically journey please contact Simon Hares at, visit and call me on 07979 537824.

Thank you for considering the services of the Serial Trainer 7.

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