10 Reasons Why Sales People Need Their Own Twitter Business Accounts

10 Reasons Why Sales People need their own Business Twitter Accounts

It really surprises me that so many sales people out there do not use social media to help them sell effectively. I could not be without it. When I train sales teams I am often met with blank faces when I ask how they use Twitter specifically to showcase their clients and promote themselves. When I enquire after why this powerful tool is not being used, I am met with the reason that the organisation only wants a corporate account and does not want each sales person to have them.

This is incredibly short sighted and the reasons stated are that the business does not trust their people with social media, or worse that they do not understand themselves how social media can help sales people to network and bring in business. If for example an advertising sales person used Twitter they could photograph the clients adverts in print or take screen grabs and then create a post, which would drive traffic and support the client. If a trade sales person travelling around visiting clients used it, they could post where they are, showcasing the client’s business and the client themselves. Seems obvious right?

Here are my SerialTrainer7 top reasons why you should be getting each sales person onto Twitter.

  • Twitter can be used to advertise your clients’ businesses through your own channel, which then offers extra value and promotes them in their area.
  • Sales people can often cover a specific geographical territory and being active in an area can garner support from other business and really heighten their profile. The can tell people where they are going, where they are and where they have been, using posts with photographs or selfies with clients, it all counts and makes a huge difference.
  • The #FF Follow Friday #Monday Motivation trends as well as others are incredible tools for really pushing the business and grouping recommended accounts/clients.
  • It creates testimonials and promotes testimonials too, therefore building a potential referral network. We all know those referrals are the holy grail of sales.
  • By actively tweeting at specific times, sales people can extend their reach globally, so if a tweet goes out at 5pm UK time, then this hit the USA East Coast lunch hour and the West Coast early morning rush hour.
  • Twitter can also drive traffic to the business’ website, and their LinkedIn page and their Facebook Page, so that potential clients can easily research each other.
  • By owning their own profile and promoting their business this way takes heaps of pressure off of Marketing who can focus on the corporate side of the Digital Business.
  • Why wouldn’t you encourage your sales people to use their own business profile as a piece of effective sales collateral? If you still rely on the old PowerPoint presentation, then seriously, get yourself up to date.
  • Most businesses will have an Acceptable Use of IT Policy that will protect them against abuse, as long as employees are away of such a policy then the risks are minimised. Furthermore those clients I have recommended this to have seen huge uplifts in client engagement, and sales.
  • It’s free and takes seconds to set up. Need I say more?

If your team needs Sales Training then get in touch with me Simon Hares at Simon@serialtrainer7.com or call me on 07979 537824

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