Why are Sales People So Noisy?

Why are sales people so noisy?


Sales people noisy? Really? You must be mistaken…


How many readers are lucky enough to work in a sales office that is not shared with other departments?  I hope most of you.  At SerialTrainer7 I get to visit lots of sales teams and the ones that can be seen as really productive are in dedicated sales offices, and make a fair bit of noise. Either through the sheer noise of their sales calls, to having some sort of music playing or through the general sales-banter taking place. In stark contrast I have also visited sales departments that could be mistaken for libraries. You daren’t sneeze! The sales people are quiet as mice, and if they need to make a noisy call they go into another room to do it. Why is this?


Sales people and their managers frequently tell me they have had complaints from their neighbouring departments about the noise levels, and they need to ‘keep it down’. This is hugely frustrating to hear, however when there is nowhere else to go and that the option of strapping on a pair of noise cancelling headphones isn’t going to happen, then maybe have a think about why sales people not only make so much noise, but also actually need to make noise.


This noise is tolerated by other departments, but is seen as distracting and irritating. Of course when you work a job where concentration is required it can be a nuisance to have an ear bashing from the sales teams constantly, however there are reasons for this noise.  Here are the SerialTrainer7 reasons why sales people make so much noise.


  1. Sales people need to be on the phone making calls, and the noise that these calls can generate, helps other sales people e.g. new recruits, feel confident enough to pick up the phone as they are contributing to the sales behaviour. If there were no noise then they would not do this.


  1. Some sales people feel self-conscious when they are on the phone, they think people are listening to them, the opposite is often true, but talking out loud in a quiet office can be intimidating. The noise helps.


  1. Sales people like to celebrate success. Sales can be hard; it is why some people are not cut out for it. They might prefer a quieter working environment perhaps.  When sales are made then it is time to celebrate. I have seen booking bells and horns being tooted.  In one sales office I worked in, there was a brilliant sales person, Claire, and every time she made a booking she always called out “booking” is high-pitched voice. It was terrific as everyone else used to give a little cheer or round of applause.  This could be seen as vulgar or self-congratulatory, but in sales there is a support from colleagues that keeps us going.  No noise, no motivation, no sales.


  1. Remember I said no one listens to other people on the phone? Well sometimes when a call is going really well, other sales people pick up on techniques and skills that they can use themselves. This can happen if a sales person uses a brilliant technique for handling an objection, or uses an effective closing technique.  This listening can act as a way of picking up new skills and literally translates as ‘on the job training’.  If there is no noise then this won’t happen and sales people won’t pick up good habits from their peers.


  1. In direct contrast to celebration, when sales people have a run of calls where they start to question their own sales ability; having the noise of the sales office can pick them up a bit quicker and get them back on the horse. Sales can be a roller coaster, when things are good they are great, when they are bad, they are really bad. Without the noise and buzz of the sales office, sales people could easily wallow.


  1. Sales feeds on camaraderie, team working and communication. Sales people need to share information with each other and they do not really do this quietly. They can be reactive, expressive, and explosive even, and this is all done because they work in sales, and they are proud of it. Sales people talk about their prospects with each other, they talk about different sales techniques together, they talk a load of shit and laugh a lot with each other too, and this builds the team, keeping them strong. This is the essential noise.


  1. Working in sales can be hugely exciting and is rewarding. Great sales managers love to celebrate with their teams when targets are achieved. This means making noise.  Sales people are revenue streams to the business they work in and that means that they are making money. Obvious of course, but for those people who do not work in sales, if you knew how much effort it takes to build a sales relationship, establish trust with a client and convince them that your product or service is way better than anything else, and then the client believes you and decides to go ahead then you would celebrate too. Part of the noise of sales is celebration, why would anyone deny people that?


In defense of noisy sales people everywhere, and I too am one of them, be proud of your noisiness. Make lots noise and lots of money. After all who wants to work in a library like atmosphere?





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