Managers – Lockdown 3. Seven Tips to Help Your Team’s Mental Health

7 Tips for Lockdown 3.

The impact on mental health for many is overwhelming.

As a manager be sure to check in with every single person who reports to you, especially today at the start, and especially those employees who are living alone.

We have been here twice, but doesn’t make it any easier.

People might struggle with the new rules, a further sense of isolation whilst still having to do their job at a time of year when traditionally we are focussed on new goals and resolutions is tough.

7 Tips

1. Get in touch quickly, ask them directly if they have everything they need and what can you do to further support them.

2. Listen to their answers, words like “I’m fine” can mean they are just that, but it can also mask real feelings of worry and concern.

3. Give flexibility to do the things they need to do to feel good. Time to get out in the fresh air, time shop for food when it is safe, time to talk to families and friends.

4. Watch out for people who work past their daily hours, help them to switch off.

5. Use Mental Health First Aiders, work with them to come up with a plan to support and help.

6. Show appreciation even more that you currently do.

7. Take care of yourself too, you cannot help others unless you are in good health yourself.

Please keep your employees safe and well in a place where they are able to cope and develop a sense of resilience and wellbeing.

Let’s all help each other and we will get through this together.

Thanks for reading, if your team or your managers need help in building their resilience get in touch with me Simon, at

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