Mindfulness-The Journey of the Caterpillar

    Mindfulness-the Journey of the Caterpillar. This blog is a reflection of my first session along with nineteen other people with Huw Griffiths of Bath Mindfulness this past weekend. I had chosen to embark on the mindfulness journey having read a lot about it online and in books, and many trainers and coaches often… Read More

Reinvention – The Alarm Clock Moment

Reinvention – ‘The alarm clock moment’. Those of you who read my recent blog on dealing with change “Over My Dead Body.” might have detected that I was dealing with something. No shocks dear reader, I was. I had been made redundant. Redundant after 16 years I might add. Before I go on, I see… Read More

“Over My Dead Body!” – Adapting to Change

“Over My Dead Body!” – Adapting to Change Change can be bloody hard, especially when the change is imposed on you. It can seem like you are losing all control over what was once all nicely in place, neat and tidy, all the ducks in a row. The ducks have suddenly all been shot.

“I am not F***ing STRESSED. OK”!!!

“I Am Not F****ing Stressed OK!!!” Christmas coming? Shopping not finished? Family coming for the big day? Big lunch to cook? OR Busy Job? Relationship Issues? Moving House? Getting Married? Big stress sources. Missed the bus? Train a few minutes late? Didn’t have time to properly iron your shirt, ‘cos you overslept and you missed… Read More