Back To The Future – Would You?

October 21st 2015- Back to the Future Day- How many of us watched that film for the first time all those years ago and thought “2015, that is such a long way off”? Yet here we are and time has flown by. Still no flying cars though….

The Journey Away from Stress using Mindfulness

A Journey Away from Stress using Mindfulness. We know that stress is out there, and like a toxin, it is poisoning our lives both personally and professionally, impacting on those around us. In order to get through it, a journey into understanding the dread, the anxiety and patterns we fall into to try and cope needs… Read More

Mindfulness-The Journey of the Caterpillar

    Mindfulness-the Journey of the Caterpillar. This blog is a reflection of my first session along with nineteen other people with Huw Griffiths of Bath Mindfulness this past weekend. I had chosen to embark on the mindfulness journey having read a lot about it online and in books, and many trainers and coaches often… Read More