The Sales Journey



How do I become a better Sales Person?

The Sales Journey

“We here at Factory Media chose Simon over a number of other trainers as his approach was relevant, unique and specifically tailored to the business. Initial feedback from the team included “the best sales training I have ever had” and within days of the sales training being delivered we noticed an uplift in quality of sales calls and more importantly an improvement on sales.” Chris Brown. Head of Sales. Factory Media

The Overall Message

The sales person is the most talented of business people. Persuasive, Tenacious and very creative the sales person has a natural rapport building ability that enables them to spot a goal, problem or need that they can apply their own specific product to therefore helping a customer make money.

Whether you are selling advertising space, retail products or tailored professional services such as personal training; this journey delivered by a true sales-professional can and will enable you to make more money for your clients and yourself.

The outline below is a snap-shot of what can be offered by the serial trainer 7. Please click through my other specific journeys for more detail.

What are the logistics of the sales journey?

The course will be delivered to maximum groups of 8 people over a single or multi-day period. for more people it is recommended that the course has a multi day duration. This allows for enough time for each attendee to contribute effectively.

The option is there for all attendees to have a follow on session, one-to-one with the Serial Trainer to develop any specific skills that may be of particular relevance, interest or challenge to them. This has a great benefit to not only the individual but also to the business as the sales person is then able to reflect and apply specific skills and feedback for more help, without impacting negatively on their day to day role.

Who is this ‘Journey’ suitable for?

The Sales Journey is ideally suited to sales people who need an overview of the best sales process process. The Journey has been created to be effective for the following groups and can further calibrated for specific teams or experience.

  1. The ‘fresher’ sales person. When people start out in sales, it is only appropriate they learn three key Sales essentials; a great sales process, thinking like the buyer and building great rapport. Each of these is covered in detail so that the new sales person can hit the ground running.
  2. The Hardworking Sales Person. Some sales people are very hard working, covering all the ground but missing a vital piece of the puzzle.  Hard work is great, but does it deliver on the numbers? this journey focuses on quality over quantity to deliver results.
  3. The Relationship builder-Good sales people have to build relationships, however being nice doesn’t pay the bills. This journey helps the relationship building focus on sales process as key tool to help them close the sale.
  4. The Problem Solving Sales Person- sales people want to help and make things better, but without a hunger to close, they can often just trundle along helping people. This journey will develop their sales process to reinforce the importance of building business.
  5. The fearful, non-closing and call reluctant sales person-sales people need a great attitude, but often after a few knock-backs confidence can get dented. This journey will build up and strengthen the resolve of even the most reticent or dented sales person, leaving them fighting fight and ready for action.

What will Sales People learn and take away on The Sales Journey?

  • Attitude and Behaviour

Sales people behave and work in a way that most other people in organisations see as alien.  Their naturally outgoing personalities and natural drive to build good relationships and make money not only for themselves through earning commission but for the business by hitting revenue targets, means that having the best approach and attitude is key.

The Journey looks at how a sales person can maintain a positive outlook by addressing their feelings, beliefs and approach to the role together with appropriate behaviours.

  • Thinking Like a Buyer

Being able to persuade a client to part with money is not easy, and as such salespeople need to see things from the buyers perspective. Using proven sales psychology and buyer behaviour, the day focuses on the process that buyers go through when they purchase using the Universal Buying Sequence and the Five Primary Needs model.  Linked together with effective Pre Call Planning the sales person starts to get an understanding of how to approach a buyer with a view to solving a problem, reaching a goal or establishing another need.

  • Building Rapport

Communication is the key to successful selling and being able to adapt your own style is fundamental. The journey looks at the different skills of good communication, including creating and maintaining small-talk to start a conversation, good questioning skills, effective listening skills, How to reflect key body language traits to heighten rapport as well as understanding interpersonal differences and behavioural styles.

  • The Sales Process PCMC

There are a number of sales processes out there; the most robust is PCMC (Probe, Confirm, Match and Close) as it focuses more on the client than on the salesperson.

Starting with effective questioning, the journey suggests the seven key questioning types and the 9 subject areas that help to avoid objections.  The trainer will take the questions and put them into a logical ‘funnel’ order so that the sales person has a route map to follow at this stage.

Sales people then have to create a crib list of effective questions to cover off with a client.

Following up with the confirming stage and active listening skills the sales people are introduced to effective skills to make them communicate better with the client.

A practice run through in role-play format up to this stage of the process helps to cement the skills.

Continuing the journey, the session addresses the final two stages of the sales process, matching and Closing.

Matching is the part when the sales person will actively sell their product to the client using a process of value driven features, advantages and benefits.  At this point the salesperson will learn the skills of story telling and creative embellishment to help demonstrate the value of their product in the clients eye.

We end this session by focussing on what constitutes good value and what makes a price worth paying.

Closing is the process of asking for the business. The trainer will demonstrate the main closing techniques used in business, and how easy it really is, depending on how much value has been demonstrated. Role-play sessions with each person putting the whole process together to conclude the training.

The Journey then concludes with a recap of the skills and next steps for each sales person when they return to their job. These include how to measure their own personal effectiveness and identifying KPi’s for their role.

To book your team’s sales journey please contact Simon Hares at, visit and call me on 07979 537824.

Thank you for considering the services of the Serial Trainer 7.

 “If you are not taking care of your customer,your competitor will.” Bob Hooey

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