Strategy – The Light in the Fog

Strategy-Looking for the Light in the Fog. Management words make me laugh out loud, not because they are particularly funny, but because many managers like using them and do not really have a ‘Scooby doo’ what they mean. Just because they are a manager they feel they have to engage in this ‘high register’ line… Read More

The Leader Manager’s Journey Agenda

How do I become a better Leader Manager?  The Leader Manager’s Journey  “Whatever type of manager you are, be a good one.” Abraham Lincoln The Overall Message The manager has a role that can be as tough as it can be rewarding. This one-day or two-day ‘journey’ encounters the main tools and techniques required to… Read More

Think You’re Entitled? – Think Again.

Think You’re Entitled? – Think again… Have heard about the latest disease that is creeping into our society? It is very contagious and is reaching almost pandemic levels. Sufferer’s symptoms include a true belief in their own hype with feelings of extreme resentment if rejected or let down, a deep sense of expectation…somehow without any… Read More