What’s Your Legacy?

Have you ever thought about your legacy?  Do you know what you will be leaving behind? Are you aware of your impact on others and how that might shape their lives? Legacy is is about the richness of the individual’s life, including what that person accomplished and the impact he or she had on people and… Read More

Managers – Have We Taken Our Eye Off Of The Ball?

Have We Taken Our Eye Off of The Ball? We live in a funny time, employers have never been so cautious about their employees. It is almost like they are living in perpetual fear of recrimination. We cannot say this We cannot do that Will we upset them What if they cry

Personal Confidence Mini Series Part 3 – Being Authoritative

Personal Confidence Mini Series Part 3. Being Authoritative “Being authoritative is the difference between knowing your shit and knowing your shit.” Anon Welcome to the third of four blogs helping people become more confident. If you have read the previous two then you will be familiar with assertiveness and with assuredness, in this bog we… Read More

Personal Confidence Mini Series Part 2 – Assuredness

Personal Confidence Mini Series Part 2. Assuredness “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Eleanor Roosevelt Welcome to the second of four blogs covering personal confidence, the first blog covering Assertiveness is already up so if you have not yet read it, do check it out.  In this blog we will look at… Read More

Personal Confidence Mini Series Part 1 – Being Assertive

Personal Confidence Mini Series Part 1. Being Assertive  “The basic difference between being assertive and being aggressive is how our words and behaviour affects the rights and well being of others.” Sharon Anthony Bower Welcome to the first of four short blogs covering skills in being more confident. Each blog will challenge you to ask questions… Read More

Find Your Perfect Partners with SerialTrainer7 Ltd

FIND YOUR PERFECT PARTNERS WITH SERIALTRAINER7  The perfect partnership. Did you read our recent news? SerialTrainer7 has now got a new Director on board, and we are celebrating! Isn’t it lovely when you know you’ve met the one, you know that perfect person who just gets you and understands you? It is a perfect partnership. … Read More

What’s Your Calling?

On the radio this morning there was an interview with this chap who worked as a welder. He used the skills of welding to create sculpture and waxed lyrical about the skills involved and the various techniques. Who knew huh? At one point the interviewer said “it sounds like this was your personal calling in… Read More

One to One Coaching with SerialTrainer7

One to One Coaching with SerialTrainer7 “The delicate balance of coaching or mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.” Steven Spielberg The overall message– Spending time developing someone’s skills in a one to one situation is invaluable. It enables the individual express their problems,… Read More