Sales Closing – Will you do Anything for a Sale?

Sales Closing.  Will you do anything for a sale? “I’ll do anything For you dear For you dear, anything For you mean For you mean everything to me” Oliver Twist   Sales people need to recognise buying signals and in turn close the sale by asking for the business. This is not something that anyone… Read More

Personal Confidence Mini Series Part 3 – Being Authoritative

Personal Confidence Mini Series Part 3. Being Authoritative “Being authoritative is the difference between knowing your shit and knowing your shit.” Anon Welcome to the third of four blogs helping people become more confident. If you have read the previous two then you will be familiar with assertiveness and with assuredness, in this bog we… Read More

Personal Confidence Mini Series Part 2 – Assuredness

Personal Confidence Mini Series Part 2. Assuredness “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Eleanor Roosevelt Welcome to the second of four blogs covering personal confidence, the first blog covering Assertiveness is already up so if you have not yet read it, do check it out.  In this blog we will look at… Read More

Personal Confidence Mini Series Part 1 – Being Assertive

Personal Confidence Mini Series Part 1. Being Assertive  “The basic difference between being assertive and being aggressive is how our words and behaviour affects the rights and well being of others.” Sharon Anthony Bower Welcome to the first of four short blogs covering skills in being more confident. Each blog will challenge you to ask questions… Read More

What are the 7 Signs of Sales Ageing?

What are the 7 Signs of Sales Ageing? At SerialTrainer7 I get to meet and work with lots of sales professionals and their managers. Often these managers will brief me on how their sales teams needs specific training in key areas such as presenting, sales process and negotiation to name a few.  In more and… Read More

Damp Squib or Rocket? What Personalities are In Your Team?

What type of team do you work in? No doubt there are lots of different personalities within it, some you like, some not so much. Teams are made up of so many different types and I thought as it is November 5th, that it would be fun to create some personalities based on the most… Read More

The Seven Sins of Toxic Managers…and the Cure.

Toxic Managers, it is time to step up and take the cure?   In our current working environment we are more frequently hearing about disgruntled employees lodging a grievance against their managers or taking legal advice against employers with a view to taking further action.   As a management trainer and former manager, I find… Read More

A Career in Sales? 7 Tips to Ride the Sales Rollercoaster.

A career in sales? 7 Tips to Ride the sales rollercoaster. Training sales people is such a privilege.  Through my business SerialTrainer7 Ltd I get to meet some of the most talented and charming sales people who work so hard for their companies and themselves to build relationships, solve problems and drive revenue. There is… Read More