The Best of SerialTrainer7’s 2018 Sales Blogs

Welcome to the very best of the 2018 Sales blogs from  Here are the links to collection of blogs that will any sales person become sharper and more effective moving into 2019.  It doesn’t matter what level of sales person you are or how much expereince you have, we all need a bit of… Read More

Retail Service – “Can I help you? Yes You!”

What the hell is the matter with retail service? If you have read the title of this blog, then you probably know it is going to be a bit of rant. More and more we hear businesses saying that the high street is suffering at the hands of online, and that the public just use… Read More

Advocacy-Back Stabbers or Not So Secret Admirers?

Advocacy-Back Stabbers or Not So Secret Admirers? Question- What are your customers saying about you right now? How many times have you stopped to think about this? Have you even thought about it? Funny thing is, that most people who run their own businesses, large or small all say that the customer is the most… Read More